California AB5 due to take effect in days.


Source Article.

About 70000 Independants with their own trucks and their own MC DOT numbers will have a choice to make.

1- Become Employees. Hell no.

2- Become part of a Brokerage and get told what to haul. Heck no.

3- Pull up trucks, fire all locals in CA, leave the state. Find a new town to stake in and work from there completely free from AB5.

4- If you are a trucking company outside of California going into CA to get loaded and delivered etc simply quit the State all together. Thats for the rest of the USA and Trucking Industry to decide. If California wants their ::shit:: they can get it at the State Line where it will be piled up on the ground.

5- Union Trucking for ports etc have a choice to make. They can allow Shipping Companies to take over everything and be employees at minimum wage etc or simply close it all up and go home to take up fishing or whatever.

The West Coast Cargo ships waiting to unload and reload will go to the Gulf or East Coast to do their cargos. California gets nothing.

and so on etc.

This will also be retroactive now that the CA High Court has refused to hear challenges to AB5 and also failed to take a related case stemming from AB5's reach. ALL retroactive enforcement will begin in less than a week against any violators of AB5 going back to 2020.

California stands to be the ultimate Liberal Wonderland. Unemployed and walking.