Canada-bound truck freight drops 10 percent amid protests

  • Thread starter William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor | Feb 10, 2022
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Thats good.

Stop the trucks which I think we are seeing. And the Nation will stop in a relatively short time.

So the news of loss of freight or whatever is itself not a problem. Not to a Nation determined to love their truckers who are fighting for things that matter now.

This is a very historic time.

If the trucks stopped supporting our local stores and there is nothing in them for love or money right now? Thats ok. We have had years to make ready in certain ways to provide for ourselves during this time. And so by passively allowing the Truckers to do what they need to do because we dont really need the stores or economy outside of our homes for now.

Things will change for the better one way or another. All the leadership had to do is abandon the mandates and other oppresive actions. And the trucks will be rolling in less than a hour. So simple.