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I read on the local papers website that OD is building a new terminal somewhere in the canton oh area. Any info on this, such as when it's gonna open, start hiring, etc? I'm ready for a change, and from reading the old site before it went the way of the dodo bird it seemed like od drivers are quite happy and the company is in good shape.
ODFL new terminal will be on the same road near the Akron/Canton Airport. We have a lot of line-haul and city drivers that live in Canton/Akron area that work out of Cleveland terminal. I know some of them will change to the new terminal. I know that, my son is going to change to that one, he lives in Akron. Good luck.
That's the article I read. Just to clarify, this isn't near the airport, but on the south side of Canton, 2 exits south of rt 30 by the timken plant. I live on the north side of Akron, so I guess if they fully staff Linehaul there via Cleveland transfers, I could try to get in in Cleveland. Thanks for the info, if anyone else knows more post it up!
I'll have to ask my son again, like I said, he told it was near the airport. I'll make a call to the VP for that area and get back with you. Also find out opening date and hiring.
Thanks truckerhog, that'd be cool. You can pm me if you feel that'd be more appropriate. And like I said if enough guys go to canton from Cleveland that they end up needing to hire road drivers up there, that would work for me too as I live almos half way between these two areas.
Acording to this article, 60 doors and $9.56 million to build. Sounds like it'll be a nice place!

Ok well it won't let me post a link, but the article was on cantonrepdotcom.
That industrial park is at the bottom left of this map, where the purple pin is.