Carrie Underwood - Booo!


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Doesn't even compare to Faith Hill.

Looks are not a huge deal for me, in this situation anyway, but having said that, if using a baseline of 100 points for Faith Hill, I would give Underwood something in the range of 84 - 89.

And the singing is not even that close. First of all she is an American Idol contestant who got her break because that snobby British wanker took a liking to her. If she had to come up the old school way like Patsy Cline or Tammy Wynette, she would still be waiting tables at a Shoneys in Nashville waiting on her big break.

Faith had an awesome vocal range and put some thump in the song that was bastardized from the original Joan Jett hit. In other words, she sang it like she meant it, not like some lightweight balladeer.

First they dumped Hank Jr. and now this travesty. The big networks are playing to the mediocre tastes of the American consumer.
I did like Faith's version better also. But I have to admit, I'd run into Shoney's in Nashville more often if Carrie were still

They are both serious eye candy.
Oh Ya, she's in that same group of women..........sizzlin'.

I couldn't afford to take any of the three to dinner. (if we were all single of course.)