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CDL Drivers needed Dallas DC 60K avg a year local regional routes - Driver Here!

Discussion in 'Driver Recruiting /Advertising' started by fief, Aug 14, 2015.

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  1. fief

    fief Member

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    Thanks for showing interest in the CDL Reefer Driver position.
    I am speaking strictly as a veteran driver with this company, so I can be frank about it.
    The company is KeHe -The largest privately owned Specialty foods distributor in the U.S. delivery to grocery stores, not Restaurants and it's NOT S*#co! They are Christian based (if that matters to you) and show it with the charity work they do and are employee owned. They have numerous DC's throughout the U.S. So they are stable, very profitable and the work is steady.
    The DCs are located in Dallas off the 30 fwy and Cockrell Hill and in Flower Mound.
    The pay is good and they treat the drivers really well.
    They offer benefits from day 1, including different choices of medical BCBS, delta dental, vision and much more even vacation time is from day 1!
    A decent retirement with 401K and ESOP profit shares.
    The job days and hours vary depending on the routes you are given but generally start between 1AM and 5AM. Usually they will give a couple local days where you are home after each night with a regional which can have you out for 2 - 3 days. Unless you want more hours you generally get 2 days off a week. Most routes have you off on weekend but some split the days off. Getting needed time off for sick or personal reasons or vacation is pretty easy. Just try not to abuse it.
    You are paid by the miles, mixed with hourly, drops, loads, wait time, yard duty time and generally have your load ready to go when you arrive. You are paid an hourly wage (in comparison to your yearly wages) for your paid time off including personal, sick and vacation time. for example: Driver made 62K last year so this year his hourly pay rate for PTO is $31.28 an hour.
    The routes go by seniority and you will start off without a routes which may sound bad but it's not when it comes to pay. If you take the routes given you will make good money and at times make more then some guys on set routes. They rebid routes once to 2 times a year.
    The equipment is leased from Penske, new and is kept up well. It is expected that each driver ensure they are taken in for maintenance if there are any problems
    They pay non-taxed per diem on your check as well for days you are away from home over 24 hours. They pay for DOT physicals. You can purchase their goods at wholesale discount prices via their online portal and they offer a monthly good driver rewards system where you earn points for no hard breaking, good inspections, etc and you can turn those points into gift cards, vacations and buy goods on their Amazon portal. They give profit sharing cash bonuses yearly as well.
    You will be given several uniforms to wear with name tags embroidered on and are required to wear steal toe shoes/boots that they reimburse $75 a year for.
    You are expected to be well kept, friendly and professional with a good driving record and clean criminal background. They generally require 2 years driving experience and no more then 2 points on your record but if you have less that, they may take you if you impress them enough since they are having a hard time recruiting drivers right now.
    The company is looking for more drivers due to buying a new company out and greatly expanding their long term contracts with stores like Tom Thumb (Safeway), Whole foods, Sprouts and many more delivering organics and specialty foods. There is not much turn over in the Driver department. I've been with them for 9 years and I am #12 in seniority only due to retirements or drivers with health or injury dropping out. It's the warehouse which is run completely separate then the Drivers division that tends to have a higher turn over and disgruntled lazy workers.
    Most reefer trailers have lift gates and a pallet jack. Not all stores have bump docs (like mom and pop health food stores) and you will have to unload via lift gate. They will certify you with the Pallet jack. Yes, you do have some physical work on this job but not as bad as some Food service companies we've all hear nightmares about, but it will keep you in shape and healthier then most OTR drivers keeling over from heart disease and diabetes.
    They do have forward and front facing cameras that trip an incident to be viewed when you brake or bump too hard. Some drivers don't like that but they are pretty easy going with the drivers so long as you don't do anything really stupid or dangerous. And they have saved drivers butts many times when others try to claim injury or frivolous lawsuits against the company and drivers.
    In order to get your foot in the Door they prefer a recommend from a Company driver.
    After 6 months of a new recommend driver working there I get a bonus for referring the new drivers, which is why I am doing this.
    They do not advertise on craigslist or trucker boards and have a hard time getting applications because they don't advertise their pay scale or benefits either (which is stupid imo). The average pay is 60K a year before taxes (but they like to say 55K).
    You fill out the application online and when it asks who recommended you please put my name: Eric J. Fletcher so your application is seen quicker.
    apply online here: http://www.kehe.com/People/Jobs.aspx in the search boxes choose "Transportation" and location: either Dallas or Flower Mound (You could theoretically apply elsewhere too since they are all over the U.S.) . Don't forget to put my name Eric J. Fletcher on the referral. I am a Dallas DC driver. Hope to see you in the running lanes or D.C.
    ......Happy Truckin.
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  2. bosscityboy19

    bosscityboy19 Member

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    Hey eric, is there a chance to be home more nights than otr in a week?
  3. joker46

    joker46 Member

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    Hey Eric can you be more specific about the pay like how much by the mile and drop pay and hourly. And how much is insurance? generally how many drops per day? You also said getting certified on pallet jack , are they electric? Try and get back ASAP , I'm ready to apply

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