Cell phone may have distracted a girl when she crashed into a truck on I-94 in MASS.

A young woman I know was killed this week when she crashed into the rear of a tractor trailer rig that was parked on the shoulder of I 30. I don't know what the investigation will reveal but distracted driving is certainly a possibility. The family has undergone adversity in the past but this is tragic.
I was just telling my wife this morning,if I received a dollar.
For every time I've posted driving warnings about being totally rested & focused on surroundings.
As well as the ability to be a defensive driver,for all of the commercial crashes.
Since I joined this message board in 1999 & have been the moderator of this forum.

Also as a retired UPS Freight safety trainer,knowing most crashes are due to driver error.
Only a very small percentage are caused by mechanical,medical & weather.

I am not heartless in surfing the web for commercial crashes,I can only post so many then I have to step away.
Some really do give me moments of reflection knowing most could have been avoided.
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