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FedEx Freight | Changed jobs and don't miss it.


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Do you mean tires on trailers with no tread left on them, and a shop that won’t fix anything? Those safety issues!
yes. Oh btw, the center manager was pissed that I refused to pull it and so happens to be. The regional safety manager saw it, and then gave me a pat on the back and told me to write it up when I got back. Which is a huge violation of federal law for the company wanting you to falsify DVIRs because it will interfere with their bonuses and profits. A lot of drivers have been let go for "misleading the company". ok but then what do you call that when local managers want you to falsify your DVIR, when they knowingly have a federal safety defect.


Slamming your nuts in a car door is my job.
Yep , do it or be punished the next day is the company motto .
Can you say sort and segs then get all the pick ups the dopes
in dickspach gives you or we will punish you another week .


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I have no regrets changing jobs and getting out of FedEx. There are other jobs out there that pay more than FedEx with better benefits. Also, what comes along with that is no micro managing. Don't let these managers at FedEx make you think that this is the only place that you will ever make that good of money. There are jobs out there with less b.s. and you get treated better. My life has gotten better since I left FedEx. I work for a company that actually cares about their employees. I've never been happier in my work career.
Congratulations! Good luck! Honestly when this crazy supply chain issues/inflation settles down I'm looking to leave. Over 20 yrs and I'm just done with this place.
Unfortunately I'm afraid inflation gonna get worse and economy gonna tank, and I'd rather be towards the top somewhere when it happens vs at the bottom somewhere.
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