Changes Made 04/19/2023


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The Politics forum is "Semi-Private" and opt-in is required to view or use it. Go to "ACCOUNT UPGRADES" on the top menu and choose "The Swamp Access"
The transaction costs 1 credit and no personal info is collected in anyway. You don't need any sort of payment account to do this it's 100% Free
There is a reason I had to do this that I won't go into now but I made the process super simple. You will no longer see threads from "The Swamp" by clicking "New Posts" , You will have to visit that forum. You should still get emails from your subscribed threads if your options are set to do so

You can purchase Premium Membership with either Forum Credits you earned or Purchased or Paypal your choice

To those Members who want Premium Membership but are not comfortable with paying for stuff online just PM me and I will send you a mailing address and activate your Premium account immediately (I trust you) .
Any problems just PM Me
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