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Changes to the Private Fleet

Discussion in 'Wal-Mart Drivers' started by Hard Charger, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. Hard Charger

    Hard Charger Member

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    I just wanted to highlight the changes to the fleet that Walmart says is going to help the company stay competitive into the future. First they cut the mileage pay for new drivers down to .38 cpm. They are eliminating all the “Set Runs” BKA dedicated runs that most of the veteran drivers currently run & most are in day cabs and go home every nite. They just installed PeopleNet & forward or road facing cameras that record the road plus the audio inside the truck. They are eliminating different program schedules 5 on 5 off, 7 on 7 off, 3-2 & 6-2. They are going with schedules where 3 drivers share 2 tractors for example 5-2-5-3 & 6-3 programs. A lot of the older drivers with 25 plus years & up have been resigning or retiring as a result of all the changes within transportation. This is not everything that was announced to us so feel free to add or subtract to anything in this post or correct me if I misunderstood something that I’ve posted.
  2. shrink wrap

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    That would answer my question about why they are hiring drivers at 29 different distribution centers.....
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  3. Frootloop

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    All good things eventually come to an end. May as well just hire scabs to haul the general merchandise just like they already do with most of the grocery.
  4. xeastend

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    You have just provided even more reason to stay with my LTL linehaul job
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