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Cheap sez!!


now that I have your attention,I was cleaning alongside my garage this past summer and lifted up what thought was only two sections of thick rubber matting and behold two Signal Delivery mudflaps. they appear to have never been used, no evedence of ever being bolted to anything.A quick couple questions are these worth anything? Where was Signal Delivery based out of? How long in business? Was there ever a service center in s. wisc? thanx


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You can Google spartan.I think they were bought out by goggin truckin in the south

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I believe signal delivery was at one time the house truck for Sears Roebuck & and if I remember they were based out of the Chicago area..They were replaced by owner operators back in the eighties..I know of one facility in Lodi NJ. It is still a sears distribution center..


New Member
at one time signal delivery trucking bought out the Dolson brothers out of Kansas City ,Mo. who owned and ran a trucking/transfer company called Sloan transfer. They had all dark blue painted tractors and silver fruehauf trailers with the sloan logon on them. they had a mix of power units from chevy to mainly the old binder ( international harvestor ) brand of trucks. My dad drove from them for 30 years and started off as a shop steward for them in the teamsters and then moved up to the local and then on to the nat. as a back up sec./treas. and you are right about signal hauling the lions share of freight for sears after they bought out 2 of the 4 companys that did it.I remember they was cambell express and sloan and a couple of others there all the time at the sears docks in kansas city at the 15 th. and cleveland store.


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My Dad worked for Signal Delivery in Chicago. Im not sure how much area they covered but as was mentioned by someone here they were the house delivery company for Sears and Montgomery Wards, in Chicago they were in CTDU . My Dad started in 1961 and worked until 1984, he worked out of the 35th Street warehouse and always delivered for Sears (the warehouse was marked Sears). Signal was bought out by Leaseway Transportation some time around 1979-1981 and by 1986 was turned non Union (I believe it was a bankruptcy but Leaseway named remained) I have a million stories and have met many characters who worked there from when I was a kid. Good company back in the day.


New Member
your right about a million storys to be told here as well. dad told us about all the noon time card games on the docks or i can remember the lot behind the huge sears stor docks at 15th. and cleveland ave store in they had a horseshoe thowing pits set up. and the guys would throw shoes for a hr during lunch. dad was friends with all the cops that hung around there and he told the story of one of the wheel men he called them motorcycle cops. that when one of the cops would go in for a coffey he would go put a piece of wire from the magneto or coil or something and run it up thru the seat of the bike and poke it just thru the seat and when the cop would start the old police issue harley and get it going then set down on the seat the hot wire would send a big jolt thru the cops butt and he would shoot up and off the bike and start screaming at all the drivers and of course all would have a good chuckle at his expense. many fun times behind the docks for sure. was in the early 60,s