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Let's look at the bright side Wolfie, we get to be the Devil Poster one more only have 647 more posts to go.
It must be sad stuck in the land of LOW post counts ! :stirthepot::bananapartyhat:
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HOLY COW Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr, your half way to hell already!!:stirthepot:

(insert Highway To Hell video here)

Be careful, JUNIOR's a little touchy about that..
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Calm down everyone. I'm still here. But seriously, changing the board(again), removing all the old threads, and more specifically taking my badazz rep power away is about as gaaaay as Stroud, Longdouche, and the electric cry baby all combined.

I see that you still have my number and that you will not change..........You drew first blood and R14 please note this............nuff said
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