Politics | Checkbook Economics, Household Expenses Rise $961 Per Month, $11,532/yr, While Incomes Remain Flat


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The folks at NerdWallet have taken the inflation date from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) and applied the math to real life. The result is a good encapsulation of checkbook economics and how the Biden economy is painful for the working class.

In total, Joe Biden’s energy policy driven inflation has added $961/month to preexisting expenses. That’s $11,532 a year just to retain the status quo standard of living.


If the average household spent $61,300 and inflation is adding $11,500 to the expense, that means we now have to spend 18.7% more just to maintain the current standard of living. That average is in line with what we are seeing in the real world.

Build Back Better........better for who? Certainly not any of us working class slobs. We've still got over 2 years left of this guy. I don't think we'll make it.

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Build Back Better........better for who? Certainly not any of us working class slobs. We've still got over 2 years left of this guy. I don't think we'll make it.
Anyone who still thinks that the Democrat party represents you or is for helping the working man, you should probably take a walk out behind your barn and take your favorite weapon with you. Someone will retrieve the valuable weapon later.
Just sayin'.

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Well we all know the Dems are the party of the working class
and they love and care for the working class

The working class better realize soon that the Dems hate you
The working class better also wake up and realize that the same money that the Democrats are stealing from us is being used to promote more of their Communist/Marxist agenda.
We are essentially funding our own demise via Democrat policies.


I live Here
Biden promised no new taxes on anyone making under $400K
Inflation is essentially a tax on those that can least afford it
With an average household income of $60000
$11000 just to maintain your lifestyle is a massive tax increase
People better wake up
The left steals this election game over

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Big Boy Toys
This country and our lower income families cannot survive another two+ years of this inflation. Most could barely get by before Biden's policies put the screws to them, so now they're struggling to pay bills.
But hey, going broke is all good since we no longer have to read those mean tweets. Just a small sacrifice to make.:1036316054:
(Effin idiots.)


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The reason that they say that they’re for the working man is because we’re their cash cow. That’s it plain and simple. After all look at what we are paying for, college educations, homeless people, illegal immigrants, medical care for people that sit on their asses and won’t work, weapons for a corrupt country, schooling that doesn’t educate our kid’s except for sexual tranny gender neutral woke crap, and the list goes on. Pedo Joe say’s there going to be some pain, I’d love to show him some real pain.


Inflation is not in my best interest.
Don’t you love it when some smug little turd knows what’s in your best interest and you don’t?
Maybe he doesn’t realize we’ve already made it and he probably has 30 years to go. A lot can happen in 3 years let alone 30.
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