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Chief Lying Beaver- High Inflation Due to Companies Price Gouging


I live Here
A leader she is not. Far from it. The opposite actually. A sort of a village idiot. I dont know the female term that matches it. (So I am stubborn, sue me)

Long ago we had a dem who gathered quite some power for herself decades ago in Maryland. We knew her as Barbara Big Mouth. There is no really need to name her specifically. There is only one.

She had the ability to take something everyone could agree to be true and then apply some kind of whats going to happen in the Legislature to flip it on it's ear. You would see the whole Tavern in hysterics every night when the news trot Barb Big Mouth in tape during the broadcast.

Those days are gone forever. Nothing today is funny at all in the slightest. Its almost deadly serious now.
Charlatan-is the word you may have been looking for

Learn to pronounce

  1. a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud.
    "a self-confessed con artist and charlatan"
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On a final dispatch, do not get anymore tomorrows.
Thats it.

We dont always have use for those high fancy words. But when you do get a hold of one... its hard to use it among the lower educated people at the lunch counter. =)