SAIA | Cintas and where did the money go?


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My first Cintas uniform account credit was $125.00. I made two purchases which totaled approximately $124.00 and for several weeks my account showed a balance of roughly a dollar. For these several weeks, the payroll department did not deduct anything for a uniform account overage. Then a few weeks ago, my balance went to zero. Last week, my online payroll stub showed a $20.00 uniform deduction. I called the Cintas customer service number and the rep checked the shipping charge and there was the problem. The Cintas rep is going to delete some of the charges but it is going to take a few weeks to settle.

I believe we get our next $125.00 credit in December. I plan on using some of it, but I would suggest keeping maybe half in the account to avoid whatever happened this time.

Have a safe Holiday.
My first order came out to 125.16 iirc with shipping and all. I do not recall seeing them take the change out of my check believe it or not.