ABF | City p&d hours

Contractually you can be forced 2 hours per day as long as you signed the no overtime list, 3 hour on cleanup day (usually Friday) if your in a 5 day barn. But remember this only counts if you hit the terminal gates, as long as you have room on the trailer they can continue to give you assignments until your full, or running out of hours under D.O.T. regs. D.O.T. hours of service would limit you to 14 hours punch to punch. If you start at 7:00 you must be off the clock by 9:00.
Here it is 12 hours if your on the street and as said b/4 you can get off on the 8 if you indicate that b/4 you punch in and the company shall accommondate your request.

Otherwise they can hold you to 10 hrs (forced 2 hrs) and if your at a combination barn/ classification there are other things that come into play.
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