Politics | Classified documents found at Biden’s namesake think tank

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With all of this Biden Crime Family corruption being exposed, it appears that during his candidacy when we said that "he was compromised", we were correct.
We need some new "conspiracy theories" because all of our old ones have come true.


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Why did tRUMP steal the highly classified documents and why wouldn't he return them?
Hey, apparently you can’t comprehend what has been posted here time after time. A outgoing President can declassify documents. Trump had them in a safe, not in a box in the freaking garage. You know who stole them? Biden as a VP. Pence as a VP. In my opinion Pence looks like a freaking weasel anyway.
You see Couchpilot I will call out corruption no matter who it is, unlike you getting a hard on every time MSN or NPR starts lying about Trump.


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Trump was president and could declassify them. He doesn't have to run it by anyone, to keep the democrats happy, sorry.....
Again, no one said any of these documents were planted none were.
Again,the President has total authority when comes to declassifying documents all he has to do is say they’re declassified.
Again that goes for Brandon too
"There's also a detailed process for declassification with rules laid out under executive order. Typically, if a president wants to declassify something, he checks with the agency in charge, which has broad say in whether the information becomes public, Gerstell said.

If documents are declassified, there’s usually a painstaking process of blacking out what information still stays secret. “It’s not a question of a concept being declassified, or boxes of documents. It’s a word by word determination,” he said.

The declassification order must be memorialized and any agencies that are affected have to be notified, Moss said. The individual documents then have to be re-marked to show they’re no longer considered classified."
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