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Cleveland Indians choose Guardians as new team name

Northern Flash

Let's go Brandon!
Thing is most native Americans have no problem whatsoever with the name the Indians
It’s white liberals do-gooders.
Yep. The Native Americans are concerned about their ancestors and history being forgotten about. Very, very few are offended by these tribal names, besides, they are more respectful of the Native Americans than they are demeaning.

It's white liberals that are causing a lot of the problems in our society nowadays. They're a bunch of do-gooders with a guilty conscience from their own earlier behavior and thoughts that they had against minorities.


Now I'm really confused....Does the Chicago Cubs team offend gay people, or does it make the team all-inclusive? Gee, I liked it better when it was little league and everyone got a trophy.

Northern Flash

Let's go Brandon!
As many of you already know, my squaw and papooses are all Native Americans so I'm directly connected to the Native American community, and I've never heard a single one of the tribal members complain about the team names. Not once. And my father-in-law who's also Native American insults the white Liberals who keep pushing this "offensive" b.s.

jimmy g

How bout names of states? Dakota?
They're already pushing Oklahoma to rename their State.

Speaking of Dakota. A few years ago, the NCAA forced the North Dakota Fighting Sioux to rename their team. The Lakota Sioux Tribe backed the college keeping the name. The NCAA forced them to change anyway. The college went by the NDU Football Team for a few years, before settling on Fighting Hawks. I'm surprised the NCAA accepted a team that endorses Fighting!?!?!


Well-Known Member
Of all the sports team names, perhaps none is more offensive than 'Gladiators'. Teams across the country wear this name of blood thirsty Roman warriors who were armed with swords & often killed prisoners, animals & others who those in power wished to see die. This was done in front of audiences who enjoyed 'blood sport'.