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Me either driver,, some these line drivers come to work on them huge headset and don’t stop talking to their buddy until they at home done making love to the wife..,, Wth there so much to talk about doing linehaul
like those guys that have their headset glued to their head and saying,'Yeah, right there...oh yeah....right .......UUUUHHHHHH! (background noise) that'll be $20 baby, see you next week.' Heard about them, but don't care to hear p*on...rather watch it.


I stand for our flag, & kneel for the fallen
A few years back a couple of P & D drivers stopped using their phones. They were upset with management. They told dispatch what they wanted to to turn the phones back on. Dispatch said 'yea, right'. A week later the phones came back on after certain things were re-instated by management. And the BA or Hall never got involved. von.


I stand for our flag, & kneel for the fallen
One P & D driver kept asking for the TM to buy some 2 wheel dollies to help in deliveries in downtown high rises. To no avail. One morning the driver delivered 80 book size cartons to a company on the 12th floor. This was his first stop. @ 9 am. He finished his first delivery @ 2 pm. Without a dolly, he could only carry 1 box @ a time. That night the TM went to Sams Club & purchased 10 dollies. Problem solved. Once again, no BA needed. We solved it ourselves. But being Union, our backs were covered by the Hall. Try that at a non-union barn, and the outcome might be different. von.
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