Holland | Columbus Ohio Terminal


TB Lurker
I am retired from the Columbus terminal. Stopped in today to visit a retiring brother. Heard that 8 city drivers have quit in the past month. These were 10-15 year drivers. All I can say is something has to give. They are working dock on Sunday paying double time. YRC better get it's heat out of its rear and give the wages and vacation and pension contributions back or they won't have a company to support Yellow. It is finally catching up after 10 years. If someone had any brains in Overland Park they would sign the same deal ABF got and not wait until 2019. Then hire a bunch of drivers and waive the 30 days. And the number one thing is quit lying to the new hires and be upfront about having to work the dock and that they may not drive a truck for six months. If nothing else they need to do something, anything. Just quit running the company into the ground. Oh wait I doubt that they are that smart.
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