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Comic Strips and Pictures


On a final dispatch, do not get anymore tomorrows.
funny how, the tv shows back in our day, were really sophomoric and corny, as well as in black and white, then later to "living color".

funny how Lucy and Ricky, had separate beds, and funny how the words toilet, or bathroom were never used, nor would we ever see any toilet, BUT a bathtub, in Leave it to Beaver....

network censors, made sure of the "no-no's" back then.

i think some of those network censors, in later life, became message board moderators.....
We used to watch all in the family. With Carroll Conner. Then in the same evening take in JJ and Dynomite etc.

My parents had many a difficult moment trying not to answer some of my questions. Most of them anyhow.

If I had the tools available today online and a little bit of time I would have had those questions answered precisely 4 different ways.

I remember asking one time at 12, Daddy why are they doing that this way? It does not match what we are doing.

Its because.

Because why?


Things worsened with the show "Heat of the night" and others. There was a entire world not taught to us Yankees up north. So...

Today's television is frightful in it's debauchery and base filth. (Base as in basic emotions pertaining to very simple instincts among humans)

My First Girlfriend and I managed to get some time together and worked out the accumulated questions. After we resolved all those errors, life became more fun.

Some relatives were more free with their teaching. I remember one trainer who I will call a trucker daddy with the most respect. He died a few years ago after accumulating a 66 year documented experience. Some of the most stable truckers I have ever run with. But also very knowledgeable. I was just a child out of school and knew nothing. That was scary thinking back.


On a final dispatch, do not get anymore tomorrows.
In the '80's Cartoon Movie HEAVY METAL, there is a Line from a Cabbie: "Damned Illegal Aliens" (as one was being arrested).

There was one cartoon that was aired just once. (Probably Banned so fast...)

Present Baby in a family room. Family members at a party that involves drinking. One set the beer on the coffee table and goes away. Baby gets fingers on the cup and it in turn is taken away.