Complete Medical/Dental Benefits for under $100/mo!

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    Do you need medical or dental benefits? How about an affordable luxury alternative that covers your entire household? Related or not ... Married or not ... up to 13 people??

    ~ THE :452:'S ~

    - NO waiting periods. (Yes, you can use your benefits immediately!)
    - NO paperwork/referrals
    - NO limits on visits or services
    - NO age restrictions
    - NO denials based on pre-existing conditions
    - NO insurance companies to deal with EVER!
    - NO deductibles or copays

    Our most comprehensive plan is our Lifestyle Plan. I know, from being OTR, that :TR10driving03: is a "LIFESTYLE" that many people can't fathom. :crybaby: 'S!!! The reality is ... :usa2: RUNS ON TRUCKIN' !!

    Included in the Lifestyle is the Dental Plus Plan, It stands alone @ $19.95/mo. for an entire household, as well. This plan offers complimentary Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic services and driving long hours, the chiropractic services are EXCELLENT for the back problems we endure. (FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION)!!

    The Lifestyle Plan ALSO includes our MD Plus Plan, that stands alone @ $29.95/mo for an entire household. This plan offers our dental, prescription and our AMAZING AmeriDoc (Tele-medicine). It's like having a doctor in the family ... or on your truck for that matter! No more waiting until you can get to the doctor the next morning or finding a clinic in whatever part of the world you're in. Use our AmeriDoc feature to call or email a US Board Certified Physician ... 24/7 ... and they will diagnose you over the phone and call in a prescription to the nearest pharmacy for you! How many of us have shut down at a Walmart or Target? HOW :cool: IS THIS?!

    The Lifestyle Plan also includes the Healthcare Plan, that stands alone @ $49.95/mo. for an entire household. This plan offers our FULL dental plus AND the MD Plus Plan, Wellness Programs (Smoking Cessation and Stroke Prevention) AND our AMAZING Hospital Advocacy Program. This program kicks in WHENEVER you are confined to a hospital and your anticipated charges will EXCEED $2500 ... We will assign an advocate to you and they will get your bill down to an affordable amount for you to pay. If you need a payment plan for 24 months or even UP TO 60 months ... WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED!!

    The Lifestyle Plan, again, includes EVERYTHING in our 3 stand alone plans PLUS it allows you to save on things you are doing everyday ANYWAY. Hence the name, "LIFESTYLE" ... So not only do you get the FULL medical and dental savings you get the NON-MEDICAL SAVINGS, as well. Roadside Assistance, ID Theft Protection, National Child ID in partnership with the FBI, Shopping, Travel, Dining and so much more ...

    Call me, Limah, DIRECTLY, if you have questions @ (312) 798-9804. I work from home so I will return all calls within 24 hours or less.

    Email your questions to, simply ask in this thread, or PM me ...

    Visit to find out more about each plan ...



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