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Politics | Connect the Dots… 3 Generals

Bob Rumson

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Connecting The Dots: Dan Happel ft. Lt. General Tom McInerney, Major General Paul Vallely, and Major General Joe Arbuckle

None of the Generals are compelling. Or Scary or able to be kept in a glass box marked Break in case of Combat. They are pretty boys preening in that pentagon for ****s sakes.
You would need about a 350,000 Infantry army Grop. Which is about two to three corps in formation over 1650 miles. That places one soldier every 50 yards 24/7 with the necessary logistical support to shoot down and dispose of the immigrants trying to come through.

When the RIo Grande is all red with the blood of the idiot immigrants stacked by the tens of thousands they will quit trying to come across and that will be that.

But this idea has been talked about before and its seriously unpopular. Made me some enemies for even talking about it. But thats what I would have done. Machine gunned the lot for as long as it needs to end the problem forever.

They are always welcome to come to America and make a bright future. LEGALLY. That takes years.
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