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TB Lurker
I have 23 years with roadway been laid off 2 years. Hopefully I can go back to work this year. I just want to remind all my brothers and sisters out there that we had a agreement with the company for 5 years. We was ok with this. They are the ones that want to change the rules. If we give them anymore they will be back for more. They think we are scared. But everyone in America is scared for their job. Its not the end of the world. Many of my coworkers uprooted their families again for a chance to have a job for 5 years. Are retirement is all but gone were not gaining much. And if they get it where laid off people have to work 40 hrs. to get benefits you know what they will do. There will be more laid off. The only thing I see that we could possibly agree to is to extend what we have for another 5 years. Dont you think that the people on top is making money. They just think they can get the banks for lower interest and scare us into giving up more. If we keep going it will become something that none of us can live with. As soon as we gave in last time they had a big change of operations. They will do the same this time. Are you guys ready to move again? I didnt move for them last time and they wont get me to go this time. I lost my house because of them but not my home. They said I couldn't move anywhere close. But 6 months after the change they sent me a letter that said I could go to the close location and go to work but I would have to give up my seniority. We have to let them know that they are going to have to make this work this time out of their own pockets and quit blaming us. We have made this company alot of money lets tell them that they have a strong work force made up of hard working dedicated employees The ( Teamsters) and if you cant make money with us behind you need to do something else. This is are last chance guys stand firm for are families.