Cool vehicles

Diesel Rabbit?

A friend at work drove the diesel rabbits & a VW diesel pickup to work for years. He picked them up cheap & got over 50 MPG. Several of those who drove their dually 12MPG trucks made fun of him till fuel got to over $4 a gallon. One asked him where he found those VW's & if there were anymore where he got them.
She's plenty proud of her of her chest stuck out and busting a button with pride.

I also had a 67 Malibu. It was not an SS however. It was a fixer upper. I had it when I was in Nevada. Back then there was no posted speed limit on many Nevada highways except in towns. It was a good feeling to meet troopers while running 100+ & not have to lift. You can cover some real estate at 100+.
When I came back east Interstate speed limits were 75 & that seemed so slow. Later Jimmy Carter dropped the national speed limit to 55.
I had a wealthy friend who had a new 67 SS, 375 HP 4 speed car, black on black. It was crazy fast. My military pay budget would not cover payments on a new car.

I don't know how he gets all of those engines synchronized to work together. I remember the twin engine dragsters years back. One was the Adams & Enriques 'Freight Train'. They said the hardest part of running two engines was tuning them to work together.
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