Cool vehicles

That wheel stand is much like the Valley Truck Parts in Michigan 'Green Ghost' does but it is not a twin screw. It also has a two stroke Detroit for power but it has a 12V71. The truck is a Hendrickson which is really a rebadged International. There are some videos of it but I don't know where.

Nothing even comes close to the Green Ghost. It is my understanding the tires are for a log skidder. I don't know the specs on the drivetrain but there is a lot of torque on everything. Those of us who have been around trucks for a while recognize the sound of a two stroke Detroit.
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She won’t buy a new car until she has worn her old one out and it is still in new condition, after all it was only 84 years old (the car that is, oh, the lady at the time this video was made was 101).