Cool vehicles

I think the tractor club in Harrison Arkansas also has an operable steam engine. As I remember it is not a tractor. The pto runs a belt. I don't remember the exact name of the club, it is either Tired Iron or Rusty Iron Club of the Ozarks.

Truck show at Lincolnton N.C.
Don't know the owner, I've seen it a couple times.
Thinking about buying the whistle to wake 00 after his rest area nap.
There's a big car auction starting tomorrow and running through the 13th, it's a Mecum out of Kissimmee Fla, starts 10
am eastern and there is various ways to watch it, but without cable I watch on Youtube it's live and it's cheap entertainment,and Barrett Jackson starts the 12th out of Scottsdale.
must be some sort of local event..??

i would be lead to believe that sanctioned events would require "wheelie bars"?????

sorry if i am not correct, i really haven't seen ANY racing of any type in like about 40 years.........(yup i can't make up this Sh!T)