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They had an English Bulldog in that hardware store on Shelter Island that snored the whole time you were there.
I don't think a 48 would fit in that ferry.
Wasn't my run but was a driver who wasn't afraid of NYC. I had runs in the city 3days/week. I think that run took 2 days. All the way to Montauk. They sent me when the guy who did Long Island was off for vacation or whatever reasons.
Probably 25 years ago.
Maybe not. Did the South Ferry in a 10 wheel dump. Trailer was the North Ferry in Greenport. Bigger boat. That I could use not matter what the tide was


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Vermont also restricts doubles from everywhere except Interstates. Yellow had special permit to run doubles between ferry terminal at Grand Isle to the Burlington terminal. To run doubles into Burlington drivers needed to also have Maritime endorsement on their CDL.
Leaving Burlington one night with CF got on that ferry at midnight or so. Had an old air start Freight Shaker. Captain hollered at me to turn that Fing thing off. I asked him. Are you sure that's what you want? Yep. Needless to say it wouldn't start on the other side and ran out of air. 4 trips back and forth on Beautiful Lake Champlain in the middle of the night before the mates could run an air line to the tank.
I work out of 107, Maspeth/New Penn and we will be moving into the old Roadway terminal just down the block & over the bridge in BK, 187. This was probably planned way back when Yellow acquired us but it is finally here. My seniority keeps me safe as i don't have to travel far from home or get forced on any UE bids. Sadly that's not going to be the case for many others. Guys will be forced to Long Island & Mt Vernon on the edge of the Bronx. Duie Pyle can finally have their yard that they so desperately crave. No more paying lawyers for dumb sh*t, guys
i hope they clean that terminal up for you guys. NewPenn ALWAYS HAD NICE FACILITYS.


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Hate to tell you this, but I was making over 100 grand for the past 14 years. I was linehaul, did my 5 day’s and went home. Some day’s when we had extra freight, I’d go east or north on a extra run on Sunday. 12 years I pulled triples.

Slave, you can’t stop the progression of a company. Being union you might get some negotiating with the new contract, but FedEx, Reddaway, Saia, OD, Yellow, and Oak Harbor all pull triples. Now I know that being in the city is a whole different ball game, but most Ltl’s all pull doubles in the metro area. Downtown and residential are done with a straight truck.

Seriously, it’s not worth the blood pressure and anxiety to stress over this. We can always use another hand on the farm, no worries there.

Have a great New Year. I wish you the best.
Completely agree with you. All of those old ways might be completely correct. But it’s not like that out here anymore. Bad management, lazy drivers, terrible union who knows what the cause is exactly. But it’s not like that out here anymore that old. That thinking of every little thing should have an employee. Doesn’t work like that anymore. This company needs to adapt or it won’t exist anymore. It’s literally that simple. Been a Reddaway driver for 23 years now. If this company's employees don’t adapt it’s over. The waste. The laziness. The lack of caring is stunning here at Yellow on the West coast. Days are numbered…
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