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Corn Flakes Lives!


I stand for our flag, & kneel for the fallen
Yeah I do but I also drove for Nationsway so I know slow. I was once was passed by a Amish fella who laughed & waved as he blew my doors off. His horse even shook his head.
I worked casual for them around 1996 in Indy. They used to run a set to RCA in Bloomington & back with a Series 7500 Conventional. The most under powered semi tractor I ever drove. Top speed on a flat highway was 48 MPG. Thank God it was only 100 miles round trip. von.


My allah, between pie and mode
Why are they stopping to eat/pee/whatever? Why aren't they running straight through so they can get home quicker? What's wrong with them?
It's a requirement of the logs, unlike electronic logs that require a 1/2 break, the Coop's coal fired logs need to be cleared of cinders and restoked to be legal, Big Dave gets those contraptions through one of his Moldo connections.
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