SAIA | Crown point,IN.,I-65 A Saia set and another Semi crashed.


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Two semi crashes snarl traffic on I-65 near Crown Point


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I hate it that our trailers were involved and the company name is in the photo, but the driver is a purchased transportation driver (per the linked article). I just hope the trailer is repairable and the cargo damage wasn't too bad. Saia is not responsible for the actions of that driver.


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Went by there at 9 am and they were just finishing up, clean-up. Must have been 200 ft of guard rail torn up, was deffinately a explosive,wild ride for both drivers, by the looks of the skid marks. Sounds like luckily no one was hurt seriously.


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This happens more often down on I-65 than it should. Really bad in Kentucky. Guess those purchased outfits don't know the roads like we do.


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Ah yes, good old purchased transportation. Many of the LTL companiys have found this as a way to help their bottom line. There are plenty to choose from in the Chicago area. Just look for a used Volvo, usually red or white, (Matching hood color optional). White hood on a red truck is especially nice. For a name just pick out 3 letters that nobody else has yet. And last, don't forget the drivers who usually are from (choose any Eastern European country here). Then go find a LTL or established trucking company and shoot them a low ball mileage figure (85 cents should do it) and you're on the way. When one of those drivers screws up they can just go back to (wherever) and send his brother in law over. He has a spotless record in the US and will work out perfectly. (Not like those damn American drivers that the CSA2010 needs to get after + get off the road.


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You all are right, I came thru there and had to detour around on my way up to the windy, came back thru headin south about 930am, guard rail all tore upm trl axle laying in the middle and they had the rear pup up right. The tractor was a piece of junk, that was resuced from a buy here and pay here lot.
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