December 10, 2013

The Union Bashers have no idea what will happen if the vote for Union is turned down. Weakness is what management will think...definitely not UNITY!
Tired of looking at stupid comments. no one is learning or changing to a yes vote. This reminds me of the CB radio back in the day. I really know the so called "no" votes are management and some rat drivers. I just don,t understand all the wasted time. As a driver, I am real concerned, if it goes to no vote, get ready, because if this election wasn't going on now, we would of been cut 5% or given back a week vacation or given nothing for 5 years but higher over paid health benefits. And yes Mark, I am your friend and been one for many years. I thank you for your help and opinion and knowledge.
Best of luck to you on December 10, I'll keep an eye out for the results and I'll do my best to counter the garbage you're being fed here. It's not all roses but it's better than what you have now, I can promise you that. How many union workers are saying that they want a non union job?