December 10, 2013


TB Lurker
Just some important information to every person involved. On December 10th, 2013 there will be a vote to decide if the employees at New Century want union representation. For those of you that have some concern regarding the availability both to the company and the union as to your names when you cast your vote, let me assure you neither entity will have that personal information. The vote will be conducted as if it was an election for political reasons. In other words, you will be given a ballot with one simple question. Once you have read the question carefully you will be asked to cast your vote. Your name will not be on the ballot to protect you from being harassed by either the company or the union at any time. Hopefully this will put to rest some of the uneasiness that some of you have when you cast your vote. I repeat, no names will be required to vote. The NLRB will be present to verify your employment which will be provided by the company. This list will show your eligibility in regards to your status at New Century. At no time will New Century or the International be able to track who actually voted yes or no during the election process. That will protect each and every one of you. Your vote will be anonymous. This should give you the confidence to vote with your heart and do what each of you feel is not only in the best interests of yourself but those of you as a group.
you are 100% correct on that post no tracking or tracing is allowed and the NLRB is there to protect us from any voting persecution...

voting for whoever you want is protected and your right to choose
All drivers make sure you vote!!! NCT promised that every "local" driver will have a chance to vote that day
Regardless if you work out of Westampton or not. Nct said that all drivers would be brought to the Westampton yard that day
And paid for the drive and use of company vehicle .. So make sure you tell ur dispatcher u need to vote!!!!
correct,by law they have to afford you the opportunity to vote. If they deny you that right, you must contact the local or get word back to the NLRB representative that will be overseeing the vote.