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i am wondering why we cant get decking made with the boards that lock them in on the outside beams instead of the middle it would do the same thing but would stack a lot better on the floor and not tip over all the time anyone have any ideas thank you ( one board on inside of outer beam)
Because after your first deck you would have to use two extra bars. For the deck to lay flat you have to split every third bar. If you where only building one deck that would work great,but if you are decking the whole trailer it wouldn't work. :thumbsup:
it is hard to explain it is the same deck just put one board on the inside of the outside beams and then you could continue deck. it is only so they can be stacked and not fall over. sorry if i am not explaining it good
Here is a different thought

In the heat of the hub we just tear down a deck and throw it on the forks of the lift, turn around and dump a whole complete deck on the floor ... its always gone in just a short time ... saves a lot of time ... rather than putting it in the
deck carts, people use more decking this way also.

I vote keep the braces in the middle ... :banana:
Apparently on my dock we are a little smarter and more organized than some of you. We build units with beams and boards together. They don't tip over and when started on a pallet can be moved wherever. If you can't figure out how to do it, for a $1 per inquiry I'll tell you.
:kicking: Leaving decking on the dock and not in the rack is a pet pevee of some supervisors at MEM. They bash the shuttle drivers but nine times out of ten it is the dock workers who are dumping the deck on the floor and leaving it. Supposedly at the end of their shift if their are deck boards and beams on the floor they have to pick them up and put them in the racks themselves. Sounds like they need to learn the finesse of delegating authority.
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