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Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Pitch Plans To Strengthen Workers' Rights

Discussion in 'Central States Pension Fund Discussion' started by Freightmaster1, Dec 8, 2019.

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    Dateline Des Moines, at the convention:

    Coop Dispatch Spokesman Big Dave reports BRG and -15% wong are actively recruiting CSPF Orphans to monitor low underpasses, weight restricted bridges, and boardwalks. Orphans are to be ready with reporter's phone numbers , be trained in crowd control, and have supplies for running a popcorn stand. Coop owner Donna will walk the Pension Office halls, wearing a 15% smaller bikini in hopes of distracting officers of researching Reemployment Violations....
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    Hope this will not be a requirement for all orphans, I can't see me riding on top of a trailer with Wong driving, plus I'm afraid of hights.
    Bride says bikini deal is ok, I'd be like the dog chasing a UPS Truck, if I caught it, I still couldn't drive it
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