Details come out from the Fed on largest bank bailout in history in 2019 but media is ignoring it


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Details come out from the Fed on largest bank bailout in history in 2019 but media is ignoring it​

The corruption and deceit are clearly there, but outside of the Martens’ the media has ignored the recent data the New York Federal Reserve was legally required to produce. More importantly, the information provides some insight on how weak the economy’s fundamentals have been for a long time.

In 2008, the period known as the Great Recession began when the Fed doled out $3.144 trillion in repo loans to big criminal banks to bail them out. Between Sept. 17 of 2019 and July 2 of 2020, the repo loans totaled a whopping $11.23 trillion, over 3.5-times as large as 2008’s loans.

The Martens’ write: “The Fed’s emergency repo operations began as overnight loans. But then the Fed began regularly offering 14-day term loans in addition to the overnight loans. Then it began to add even longer term loans.”

Only banks known as “primary dealers” on Wall Street can get these Fed loans, and they total only 24 trading houses. And the same bad actors in 2008 are the same today including J.P. Morgan Securities, Bank of America Securities, Cantor Fitzgerald, Citigroup Global Markets, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Nomura Securities International. Those were the largest borrowers.



US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions
My opinion stands that it all began crumbling when the Datsuns came in.
And Japan's electronics also followed.
We had it all.
And gave it all away.
Cheap labor was the goal.
Made our own people our enemies.

Imports from foreign entities were not enough.
We had to allow our companies to move to Mexico and ship back here to people who lost their jobs. Then increase social programs to make up for the job losses.
So......ship out the jobs which paid the taxes to a smaller social system.
So those people need the social system. And increase the need for a larger social system.......yet no good paying jobs to pay the taxes.........and then the brainiacs make a deal with Communist China to take out even more jobs.......extra huge tax funded programs.....with a smaller and smaller group of good paying jobs to pay taxes..........then bring in illegals to work the jobs because nobody wants the jobs that don't pay and the illegals undercut the jobs which do pay.

A constant attack on our workforce with treasonous economists running the whole show running us into the ground.
Fill the holes that all of that nonsense didn't cover with credit which can't be paid back.....recipe for disaster.

It would've been much cheaper to allow the UAW and Steelworkers and other manufacturing unions to have their way.
It has taken trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions to try it the way the idiot economists who wanted the unions gone preached.
That costed us every debt imaginable and trillions more every year for decades.