Detroit,MI. MT., Car Hauler caused a chain reaction,smacking slow traffic.

State Police say the driver of an empty car hauler failed to stop in time for bottled up, rush hour traffic.
In a hurry to get loaded, so now the driver can load up at a pub (which might well have been the destination).
Some 4 wheel drivin' people think "18 wheels=18 brakes" which wouldn't have helped this hapless twit.
Let's see: csa2010, at say 5 points per vehicle, tripled, well no more truck driving....ever. :clap: :clap: :clap:
It is kinda hard to tell by the crash scene?
However it looked like this trucker may have been able to notice traffic slowing while he was back a ways.
Of course I'm just guessing,but anyone driving in Detroit during traffic hours has got to figure it is not hammer down.
I wonder what this trucker was thinking?
I-75 and I-275 traffic were bad enough when I used to roll there (most recent was '03), so nowadays, like everywhere, it has to be worse. Dallas, TX., Des Moines, IA., and Detroit, MI., are picnics at rush hour times when one uses PATIENCE and TOLERANCE which are components of COMMON SENSE.
Apparently not an afficianado of the 15 second look ahead rule, but then with all the weird accidents Nationwide so far and the ones to come (more creative?), these drivers do not know about such rule or weren't paying attention when they passed the ProTread programs or related safety courses.
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