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Please do not make this a bashing Union Thread. I am strictly trying to make this a thread for some of the bull that has been put out there and make some of the issues clear. No, I am not getting paid by the Union...I am a Senior local driver. The letter below has numbers that you can call and everything can backed up. Please call and/or check out the website.

Dear Future New Century Teamsters,

Allegedly, management at NCT began to tell employees that the Teamsters will
be taking over your 401K if the Union was voted in as your bargaining agent. It is also
alleged to be stated that you would have to pay your loans back within sixty days of the
date of the Union being voted in at NCT. This is absolutely false and ILLEGAL!
Let us be clear, the Teamsters have nothing to do with your current 401K. Your
401K and any loans that you may have against your savings has nothing to do with the
Teamsters, or any organizing campaign. You can verify this yourselves by contacting
Moreover, the threat that the benefit would be removed from you and/or a penalty
would be incurred is in violation of the National Labor Relations Act. This is ILLEGAL!
If an employer says that a Union victory will mean that (A) it will close or move; (B)
there will be no more overtime; (C) it will take away benefits; or (D) it will get rid of the
Union activists, it is unlawful.
You can also confirm this by contacting the local Labor Board office @ 215-597-7601 or
visit National Labor Relations Board | NLRB
Do not succumb to the illegal threats and fear tactics. Get NCT’s word in writing!


Chris Buschmeier
Teamsters Local Union 107
Collective Bargaining…The Right of All Americans!
"Organizing For Power"
So once again they are misguiding the drivers with information that is not true at NCT ? Thanks , and stop making the people pay for the administration fees for that 401K plan ..