New Penn | Does anyone knows what happen to bret the safety director from newpenn

don't know, but i can tell you i rode to jersey with him out of baltimore awhile back to give a deposition and he really had no business being a safety man. he had the worst case of rode rage i've ever seen. he would tailgate, cut people off and give them the bird for not getting out of his way, and drove about 90 the whole way. i'm not exagerating but there were times when i was worried for my safety. drive like that by yourself not when you have someone with you that you should be setting an example for. after that trip i couldn't ever respect him has a safety man. he should have been fired just based on that trip alone.
He was fired. Said he was "on the road" when he was really on the couch in his living room. He was a safety supervisor not a director. Everything you said about his driving was correct. He was a first class bum. J. True used to call him the Incredible Bulk.
He was a bum, he came to Boston to train guys to get their CDL's a few years ago during a COO. He would kick the stick out of gear while we would be driving, on a winding road and expect someone with zero experience in the drivers seat to recover.....he was a cocky, ignorant jack ass.....if it wasn't for George Michaels I wouldn't have gotten my CDL....
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