Doft – a new uber of trucking is announcing $50M ICO.

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    The information is not updated on our website, but I am glad to tell you that Doft team decided to remove the commissions.

    Our prediction algorithm will make you, the trucker, an offer. Like you accept a load to LA, CA and this load should be delivered there for example on november 15. So the algorithm will offer you the available load from LA,CA. The offer will be based on your history. Like if you do not move lumber and do not like to go to Massachusetts, You will not receive the offers to move lumber, or the offers to go to MA. But it will be just an offer. If you decide to decline it the algorithm will offer you another one, suitable as close as possible.
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    Doft – a Silicon Valley based startup - starts the greatest ICO in the trucking industry!
    Pre-sale is going now [DOFT]
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    Freight-matching startup Doft pitches virtual "Doftcoins" to industry players.

    One of the latest entrants into the crowded "Uber for trucking" sector is taking a creative tack to raise funds: selling shares in its own "cryptocurrency," a type of virtual electronic money similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum.

    The company, Doft, is a Walnut, Calif.-based tech startup that says its mobile app can reduce deadhead miles, automatically locate backhaul cargo, and help shippers move unplanned urgent freight. The company joins a crowd of recent entries to the freight-matching marketplace that includes Haulme LLC, XYpper Technologies Inc., Transfix, 10-4 Systems Inc., Cargomatic Inc., and UberFreight.

    To stand out from the pack, the founders of Doft (an acronym for "Do Freight Transportation") are raising money in a way that past generations could not have imagined. The firm held an "initial coin offering" (ICO) in October, in which it created its own currency—called Doftcoins (DFC)—then sold them to buyers like truck drivers, third-party logistics service providers (3PLs), and freight shippers.

    Launching an ICO allows a firm to seek funding from the general public, rather than dealing strictly with venture capitalists. The strategy works best when large crowds line up to buy shares, so Doft sweetened the deal by offering anyone who bought Doftcoins in October a 50-percent premium on their investment as well as a lifetime of 0-percent commissions—worth an average of $100 per load—on all freight booked through the Doft platform.

    So the next time you see a tractor-trailer cruising down the highway, remember that the driver behind the wheel may also be a high-flying financial speculator.

    By DC Velocity Staff
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    Cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a huge surge of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) for the past 6 months, though a lot of experts call it another bubble. Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon.

    When Bitcoin first appeared, nobody took it seriously. They said if one had to choose between a hamburger and a Bitcoin, he’d prefer a hamburger.

    Today 1 BTC equals $10,000 and keeps on gaining its weight. Following good old Bitcoin success, a lot of other cryptocurrencies appeared. Ether and Litecoin are almost as much popular as BTC and tend to grow rapidly. This positive trend motivates startups to present their own tokens.

    Initial Coin Offering became an easy way to raise funds for a startup in comparison with a standard crowdfunding campaign or a venture capital investment. VCs rigorously examine your busines plan, roadmaps and graphs, and in the end they always say pretty much the same: “you’re too early for us - show $1M revenue per year and the fund will invest $10M”. Certainly, it’s a prerogative of any venture fund to protect the money it invests, but then again it’s a vicious circle. Any young startup is in need of early financing to go off at a dash in the very beginning. With no early-stage investment any brilliant idea or software takes a risk to fail.

    In this case ICO is a great chance to make the wheel spin, because ICO isn’t just the mechanism for new coin issue - it’s the fundraising process for a startup too. And the best part of it is that a startup doesn’t sell its shares at all. Venture capitalists usually take a big part of shares in return of their investment and often interfere in a startup’s development strategy. VCs want fast profitable return of their investments during a short period of time, and for that reason they often push founders of a startup to an exit. The before-mentioned scheme is impossible in ICO.

    A lot has been said lately about the necessity of cryptomarket regulations, but sure enough there’s nothing more than banks crediting less and venture capitalists getting less investment proposals behind those regulations. If there’s a demand on something, there will always be a supply. It’s a simple rule of economics. Today young startups can hardly break the VCs’ wall, and therefore ICO is a shorter way to the successful fundraising.

    Doft Team
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    The US trucking industry has been growing tremendously for the last few years, although it firmly stays one of the most old-school in terms of operation and organization methods. On one hand there’s nothing wrong with it, but on the other hand such old-school business management is very time consuming, and as the result not as much cost-effective as it can be.

    When Uber launched its cab service, a lot of startups rushed into the trucking niche with their uber-like ideas thinking that it would disrupt the industry right away. Cargomatic was among the first companies that took an effort to create an “Uber for trucking”. However, it didn’t happen, and there’s still no leader today, despite the fact that Uber eventually launched its own Uber Freight this year, but for the past few months it seems more dead than alive. Perhaps, the uber model isn’t the panacea for all trucking ills.

    When we think of a new logistics’ era, we imagine a free to use, simple, user-friendly solution suitable for every type of business which is involved in the logistics chain. And certainly, the solution should make business processes much easier and quicker, yet without breaking the habits of industry professionals who do the job daily.

    The trucking startups which adopted the uber-like model, try to reinvent the way the US trucking operates today, so they basically work “undercover “. These startups pack old-school stuff into a high-tech cover in fact being whether an ordinary load-board or a broker. Nevertheless, there must be a complex solution suitable for every transportation party – equally valuable for a shipper, a broker and a carrier.

    The startup which is close to the truth in trucking is called Doft. Their business model is not only about their uber-like on-demand software. It’s about universality and value for every type of business. Whether you are a carrier, a broker, a trucker or a dispatcher, you’ll find potency as Doft covers all necessary vertical services in transportation. And the best part of Doft is its freemium strategy – a customer pays fees only for some additional features and services, such as motor carrier vetting which includes FMCSA safety ratings, insurance verification, authority validation and etc. All the basic functionality necessary for daily usage is free, and this fact helps to save money.

    Now let’s take a look at some current problems in trucking which Doft tries to solve.

    We all know that truckers usually drive empty about 30% of their time or waste hours waiting for a next load. Doft helps to reduce the dead head mileage through its prediction algorithm. The service will provide a driver with the information about freight available near the destination point.

    There’s a payment problem which still exists. Normally a motor carrier receives a payment during 14-60 days after a load is delivered. It may be OK for some big fleets with big monthly turnover but it’s absolutely undesirable for owner operators when every dollar counts. To resolve this problem Doft introduced its own crypto currency which is used as service money with nice benefits. Shippers who pay in Doftcoins get a discount. Drivers get an opportunity to mine Doftcoins and pay for the goods and services in the Doft store.

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