Dollar General account?

What kind of pay should i expect? I will be driving out of the Bessemer.Al DC. The AD says could earn up to $57,000 my first year.
What abt home time? Any info abt the DG account will be appreciated.


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I can't speak of the questions you asked. I do have a couple of observations though. Most of these "dollar" stores were not built with docks so you will be earning that $57,000 handling every box. The other thing I have noticed is that you may have a heck of a time getting in/out of these places. They were built on the cheap with deliveries being a low priority. Dollar stores are for those that think Wal-Mart is too pricey.


Go to yrc you make that plus all the befits they are hiring out driving school but well train you also good luck


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That seems a bit rich for what Schneider pays. If you live very close to the DC hometime could be OK. Usually the racket is your "hometime" starts when you set the brakes at the DC and ends when you release them leaving out (minus moving your crap out of the slip-seated truck, doing your paperwork, driving home, driving back, getting your new load's paperwork, moving into another truck, fueling, etc). The upside is the movements are generally out and back (so you will get home more often than OTR). I think they use liftgates and rolling cages for DG so it might not be as bad as some SNI retail (Family Dollar is floor loaded and uses roller conveyers, so you generally fingerprint everything at least once).
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