Drive Safely

Pretty Graphic video.
Examples of a split second of poor judgment can alter,or take lives.
Thank you for your post Remrie.

If this doesn't get some ones attention you've got to be numb,or dumb,in my opinion.
Thanks for putting this up, Remrie, I saw it tonight on FB and was wondering how to get it over here but you saved me the trouble. Apostolic's right, anybody that that doesn't get to them needs to be checked for a pulse. Wow.
i think that vidoe should be a sticky in every thread, thanks remrie.

i think part of the problem is every car company out there shows how fast there cars are. how well they handle. how fat they can brake. they seem to forget that they are showing there cars on a closed course with a professanal driver in them. and there disclaimer can besmaller than this and thats ok. this is also why i think drivers should be tested every 3rd time they renew there license. people forget and if you get tested offten then it stays fresh, and when something does happen, you don't have an excuse.

i will never forget wheni was working 15+ years ago at a cemetery a young man still in school was killed street racing, his friends at his funeral allleft there bruning rubber running well over the posted limit of 25 mph. there was a big write up in the news paper about that, yet no tickets were wrote aboutit either.
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So Remrie you want to explain the post above?

Please don't post posts such as you have,this forum is strictly dedicated to trucker safety.
Your post makes no sense?
BUMP is an acronym


It's used in forum communities to "refresh" the page to bring it back to the top so that it can bring back the subject, I did that to bring back this thread as a reminder with the video above.
OK sorry about that,I'm not that savvy on computer speak.
Your welcome to bring this topic back as a reminder to be cautious coming into the winter season.
Certainly, and thanks.
Since I'm a new driver starting in the winter, Schneider can bet I will call many times to inform them that I feel uncomfortable driving if I feel weather is unsafe. I have no intentions of crashing a truck within the first 6 months or 6 years.