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:nono: posted in our drivers window today "vitran will no longer supply loading equipment such as hand trucks,it will be the drivers responsibility as well as the securement of such equipment" This company blows,cant quit but cant wait to get out. I will not purchase ANY loading equipment at the present wage and benefit rate, I will also refuse to use any customers equipment,will do one box at a time,your 30 minute inside delivery will now take an hour and a half.
that sucks but if you have to buy it be sure to keep the receipt and write it off your taxes
Just curious but does anyone have any idea how many hand trucks / pallet jacks furnished by the company are abused by being left loose in the trailer, run over damaging dock plates and ramps, etc. The remark of "securement" responsibility lends a suggestion of this.
Reason asked is I made some good bucks while in the forklift business repairing banged up hand trucks and pallet jacks. $250.00 for a new Magliner and $500.00 for a new LiftRite.
Bent fork ends where it had been used as a pry on one fork and a busted wheel with bent axle where it was dropped out of the truck. Maybe a long distinct scrape where it raked the road from falling out of the moving trailer. Beverage distributors were the worst on hand trucks.
Ownership does breed more gentle care and a little grease or bolt tightening.....