Election 2020: Truckers Rate Trump On Transportation, Trade Issues

Just read in the news that independent o/o have a couple more weeks to sign up for the fmcsa drug and alcohol clearinghouse before cdl suspensions go out

The bad news might get worse
The pay system in trucking makes it to where its not worth it to go truck. I have records dating to the 2001 tax returns showing a gross income for two (Husband and Wife driver team) who were out 306 of 365 total days and over the hours worked (306 times 24) brought in earnings of about 4.54 each per hour total gross. Thats for TWO drivers.

Even if we both met the DOT medical (Which we no longer do as our sunset proceeds over time) it would have too much regulations and excessive problems against getting that load there. Its amazing we are still running after all that. I have been alive long enough to remember the days before deregulation and the subsequent crush of CDL licensing and drug testing (First alcohol testing and escalated from there) Then the emissions and so forth. Every advance in technology enabled a tattle tale or enforcement device to be installed into casterated trucks. Training quality has bottomed and so on. There are sill a percentage of very good truckers and companies still running despite all that. However we still suffer crappy companies and idiot bridge strikes and so on which makes the industry even less respected. We lost that long ago.

I hate to be difficult. But it starts at the pay and training. Never mind the enforcement. Bad apples are easily weeded out anyway.

Its not all bad. Yet. But it is bad enough that I ahve been more than happy to have trucked when I did in my lifetime. for the most part for better or worse we were free. Almost freer than most. Just have to be at point B at a date and time. Everything else falls in to place.

Except pay.
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