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Emily Post indicates slow moving Afghan Americans held hostage by thousands


On a final dispatch, do not get anymore tomorrows.
There is a Washington DC Insider named Emily Post who has been in spite of everything broadcasting efforts to rescue Americans to the People here in the USA. The Main Media establishments has found the information to be accurate more or less and was as of Sept 2 told by the White House and State Dept not to broadcast. Keep it confidential. This is Sept 6th am.

Anyone can follow the developing situation in real time at Emily Post's Site without subscription (select none) and without a paywall. Shared link is here.

Briefly we have private groups sent planes to Afghanistan using their personal private money inside the USA. Out of their pocket. Planes fly to Afghanistan with about 4500 Americans there wanting out among others with Afghan SIV, assets to American military etc. Also wanting out. The planes sit for days unable to take off because of invented issues. No tower control in airport there, Taliban difficulties, refer them to State, state says pass to Taliban and US Military Central Command Doha says sorry contact State. Round and round. No clearance for any plane leaving Afghanistan to land in any Nation. And so on so forth. Round and round.

Any plane can load people, take off and get out of the Country. Problems escalate bad if they did.

People what we are now having is a American Hostage Crisis round two Biden and State Style. They are ANGRY that normal American peoples are organizing and spending their own money and trying to do what Biden and State Dept wont do. And what our Military wont do. FLY Americans OUT of Afghanistan today, yesterday, last weekend. The planes are there sitting in the heat there. The PEOPLE. Thats you and me with money to do it are doing it. Fox news's Glen Beck Group sent 6 planes. That got my attention. All they need to do is put the hundreds of Americans aboard, taxi and take off. and they are on the way. But between round and round they cannot do anything but sit right now.


On a final dispatch, do not get anymore tomorrows.
Round two.

Western Union has told Americans and all others wanting to send money to Afghanistan that they have been barred Globally from sending any money to Afghanistan. Afghanistan Banks have limited ATM withdrawals to 200 a week domestically. There is no American cash going to Afghanistan at all. Period.

The Taliban Government as it is is slow walking the entire situation holding with a open hand all Americans trapped there. About 4500 US Citizens so far plus their Afghan special assets that helped us in war. All they had to do is leave with US State Dept blessing and or cash money to pay the Taliban a form of Ransom to not have blood on these people. From Biden.

State does nothing. Central Command, Military Doha responsible for all actions in that part of the world in and around Afghanistan with many Nations does nothing and tells anyone to call State. State tells those inside Afghanistan to call Taliban. Taliban Tells hostages to call State. Biden tells US Media people (CNN, Fox, NYT, WP etc etc etc etc) to keep this all a secret since sat.)

Biden is embarrassed with State that Americans are doing privately on their own together what the president and USA wont do. Fly planes and get the Hostages out of Afghanistan. Or have money sent to those in Afghanistan by transfer etc so they can get tickets etc. So all of this is blocked quietly. By doing nothing.

The Internet has been a asset across the board by people banding together to get Americans out of Afghanistan. And they are doing it. Information is coming out to where you and me and millions of regular Americans here at home will know what Biden and State does NOT WANT US TO KNOW right now.

If this grows and gains speed, momentum and weight the US Government might have to engineer a loss of internet on certain server links or even to and from Afghanistan and make excuses about its the Taliban's Fault. And they would be free to butcher Americans and Specials with them there without any of us knowing.


On a final dispatch, do not get anymore tomorrows.
A word on aviation operations.

I learned to fly, navigate our airspace and so on decades ago. so my knowledge is obsolete and in bad need of updating. I am not and never will be a pilot for a variety of reasons. Essentially its easier to drive a 18 wheeler with a manual than it is to physically hold a little plane that weights 1500 pounds on assigned altitude and direction in the air. However I was much better in the right seat with the navigation side.


In Afghanistan, if you are a plane wanting out there is a tower where you are. You follow what they tell you to if its manned. If there is no tower or people there then its wide open. The planes used a form of Unicom communications essentially a giant CB saying they are plane number such and such taxing to take off runway such a such etc. in the plain language to anyone in the area by common radio. Is it legal? There is no such in a Nation without a formal Government and Aviation system.

All runways are listed and any plane can use a very specific defined pathway around these runways to come and go visually. Similar to how we truckers navigate a scale house at a certain speed for computer scales in motion. Everyone has to take turns.

Now that you are up in the air and out of Afghan Space. Crossing over into another Nation. That is a big problem. They will intercept you as a intruder. Then put you down somewhere and process all of you on that plane. Its what they do. We do the same. We used to fly near DC long ago before there was a 9-11. Now we cannot take off in the Washington DC control area without filing first a plan to the FAA Center there informing them of intent to fly. If we took off just go... helicopters and jets from Andrews and other places will come intercept us. DC is a no fly fortress right now. Commercial and Military does fly and some private also but nothing flies without FAA knowing in advance and approving it.

There is one very special rule. "Military accepts responsibility" so they can go anywhere. Regardless of what happens. But Civilians do not get to say that. And certainly not Charter or Commerical planes.

And so the planes sit there for days since Saturday. These are Charter planes. Operating under additional rules. Its not my forte to deal with international flying. I dont know the particulars except interception.

Just a few thoughts to those who wonder why we cannot just cowboy it and fly.

Northern Flash

Let's go Brandon!
In other words, the Biden Administration has screwed this entire withdrawal up and had no contingency plan for what happens after the military leaves. Total incompetence is what we are witnessing. And where is the transparency? The facts and details make this ignorant administration look even worse than normal. Many more will die.

This is a result of a fraudulent election.