Holland | End of an era


2022 Illinois Tollway Driver of the Year.
Changes never good , way back in the day , Holland had a big stack of job apps & was the best to work for and just like Roadway back in the day too, plus many others too fell by the roadside in years past ..............................................rip the old good holland
The wooden shoes have turned into Orange mudders for walking thru the barn cleaning up behind the cows.

Piano Man

Please don’t tell my mom I’m a freight hauler.
Many of us who have been around a long time have lamented the loss of numerous ltl marquees which have disappeared over the years. It goes with the territory, life goes on.
Been around long enough to see for myself too. Have worked with several guys over the years who were orphaned.

Life does go on, and is also going to be no more or less what we each make of it.
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