FedEx Freight | Equipment down !!!

I have often wondered what the parts room's looked like where they fix the planes.

I hope they don't treat there planes like they do there trucks. :drivin:
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Guess after several years of being an aircraft mechanic,,, hotrodder,,, etc,,,,, I never knew some parts rotted like lettuce on the shelf,,,, when the mechanics KNOW they will be used in a short time..... Obviously the extremely smart college kids this company hires know more about maintaining a vehicle that our mechanics and drivers do that just so happen to deal with these things every day .... I was TOTALLY SHOCKED my shop (at the hub) had a mudflap for my truck last night..... Had to be a fluke..... (those things rot too ya know ? )

On that subject,,,, the shop forman at the hub shut off the soap to the wash bay..... I have to wonder how many thousands of dollars they spent installing a wash bay,,, (in this new center) when on his choice,,, nobody can use it now..... Instead of washing the grease off of my dolly,,, I waste a set of gloves,,, and get grease all over me and inside my clean truck......... Good Fricking Grief !!!! I understand saving money,,,, but some things are just STUPID,,,,,, like parking equipment for a part you should have on the shelf,,,, and we are short of equipment........
[/quote] At my new center the wash bay is off limits strictly. Notices were posted and one tough guy who wasn't gonna let fedex tell him what to do got a personal visit from HR out of IND and a 3 day suspension out of it. He now spends his own money at the Blue Beacon to drive a clean truck. :kicking: :dance:
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