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Anyone else ?

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Someones knocking at the door with this Smart Post New service allows UPS package return in mailbox - Yahoo! Finance

NEW YORK (AP) -- UPS said Thursday it's launching a new service that will allow customers to drop returns in their mailbox or at a post office, in addition to UPS locations.

After a returned package is transported to a postal service location, a UPS driver picks it up and transports the package back to the retailer.

FedEx started offering a similar service through its SmartPost unit last year.................
The little that I'm seeing is pretty much leading me to believe that this is still in the start up phase.
The little that I'm seeing is pretty much leading me to believe that this is still in the start up phase.

There is a smart post down the road from the IND center. They have been there for about 3-4 years now. There are always fedex growing trailers in there. Not sure what they do really but they are always hiring for part timers.
I have been working for this division since last October.... What do you want to know??? The stuff I haul is dot . com mail..... I delivered to a cartage company then directly to the post office for delivery. It has grown drastically since I started. I was told it would be part time for the Christmas rush only... but here I am still working. It pays the bills.
Are you in a FEDEX uniform ?

A you like GROUND or like a company FREIGHT / NATIONAL driver.

Anything else you can elaborate on will be much appreciated Stimpy.
I know when people ship stuff to you using smartpost it sucks!!!! It shipps to a distribution center then goes through the postal system. From Toledo, OH to the western burbs of Chicago took 7 or 8 days. It is cheap but SLOW!!! If I remember right FedEx bought a company near Milwaukee called parcel direct or something like that and that became smart post. That was like 5 years ago or so.
You would think they would of combined the 2 of them , maybe that is yet to come.
If they combine them, that would be good for Stimpy's long term work wouldn't it! Kinkos isn't going any where! Stimpy- Have you heard anything about that, or does it seem to be it's own business?
From Google.

That moment came on April 18 when I ordered my first w00t shirt--not knowing the hilarity of inefficiency that would result from watching the daily tracking information on

The nice folks at w00t sent my package out on April 21 using FedEx SmartPost. According to the FedEx website, the transit time is "2-7 days." The estimated time of arrival when I originally received the tracking information was April 28, a perfectly reasonable amount of time for a package containing a t-shirt to be shipped the 1000 miles that seperate Dallas and Madison.

So, FedEx, what happened?

According to the tracking information on, my package has now possibly travelled more than 2,900 miles and isn't expected to arrive until tomorrow. My package appears to have travelled to the FedEx hub in Denver (completely reasonable) and then ended up in New Berlin, Wis. on April 24. From there FedEx sent it past Madison to Brooklyn Park, Minn. and then it appears it was sent to Sioux Falls, ND? From Sioux Falls it was sent to Oak Creek, Wis. and is spending today travelling to Madison. It is scheduled to arrive at my place of residence tomorrow, but I wouldn't be surprised if they sent it to...oh, I don't know...Fargo...just for giggles. Thankfully, I'm only waiting on a shirt.

Aug 11, 2010 5:19 AM Departed FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST DALLAS, TX
Aug 12, 2010 2:11 PM Arrived at FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST HOUSTON, TX

Took them 33 hours to get from Dallas to Houston. How is that possible? Now, I’m only 3 hours away from Houston and according to Estimated Delivery Dates, it will get here after 6 more days! What in a world could be worse than this? I don’t know much how logistics work, but I do know that something is not right here, so as a customer I will try to avoid SmartPost in any way I can. Wouldn’t buy from that retailer again..
Yes we have to wear a uniform. We pull 53 footers. The type of customers involved are amazon .com, ebay, and so on. During the Christmas rush there is a lot of fruit hauled. I think the service is like 7 or 8 days from the day shipped... not sure. I don't think Kinkos is that big of a player here in this division... I could be wrong. This division has been around for awhile... just hidden under the radar.

And I do drive a truck that says Ground on it.
FedEx SmartPost
FedEx purchased the parcel consolidator Parcel Direct in September 2004 from Quad Graphics. This FedEx Ground subsidiary was re-branded as FedEx SmartPost in October 2004. FedEx SmartPost specializes in the consolidation and delivery of high volumes of low-weight, less time-sensitive business-to-consumer packages, using the US Postal Service[1] for final delivery to residences. FedEx SmartPost’s customers include e-tailers and catalog companies. Through its network of 25 distribution hubs, FedEx SmartPost provides delivery Monday through Saturday to all residential addresses in the U.S., including P.O. Boxes and military destinations.

Pickups are completed by two different groups within FedEx Ground based on expected volume:

FedEx Ground Contractors pick up packages for "Smart Post Small Shipper" clients and transfer these packages to SmartPost within the FedEx Ground Hubs
FedEx SmartPost trailers pick up packages for "Smart Post Large Shipper" clients and move the packages within the FedEx SmartPost network directly.
The resulting service is one that is less expensive than FedEx Ground, but more expensive than regular mail, and ostensibly faster and more secure[citation needed], since it allows the use of FedEx tracking resources for most of the package's journey.
We've been doing SmartPost in KC for quite a while, one of the things they do is take like thousands of catalogs printed in Atlanta and ship them to a place like KC. In KC we have a bulk mailing center so the company mailing the catalog only pays postage from KC to each catalog's destination, saving money and USPS capacity than they would had they mailed each catalog from Atlanta.

During the holiday season, we at the Columbia, Mo freight terminal deliver pallets of smartpost packages to the local post offices so they can deliver them. Google "fedex smartpost" and you'll find the info you need on it.
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I'm getting in a little bit late but I can tell you as a person that has to listen to people screaming "WHERE'S MY PKG??" all day, the Smartpost doesn't get that many calls. I'm not sure if that's due to not many using it or else people are too confused to figure it out. But I usually have to fill out "WHERE THE HE** IS MY PKG??!!??" when someone calls in about this. Posted on the website will be delivered to customer but customer is like What? Where?? And then it's a 10 minute call explaining that Fedex doesn't actually deliver the pkg, we just pick it up and take to sorting at your local PO.

I explained this piece of simple info to a young lady that had a sharp, clipped accent from overseas that now lives in the US, NY to be precise. I do recall HER stats. I stated that we didn't actually deliver the pkg and when it says online to call her local post office for more details then she needed to call the local post office. I was told to call it for her. I explained that I couldn't and if wanted details then do like it said online and call the freaking POST OFFICE. I was told in a snotty tone that WE sub contracted and to call the number MYSELF. I just filled out a "WTH IS MY PKG" and told her she'd get a call.

Bet she's STILL waiting. :17142: