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XPO | Exit


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It called a soft exit. He will fade into obscurity eventually. The entire Xpo conglomerate did not work out as he had hoped.
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So after further reading of related articles on this Topic it seems as if Brad Jacobs has moved on from Xpo. Just like he has in the tool rental business in the waste removal business. He says in one of the articles that he reinvents himself every 10 years and now it’s time to do that. The breaking up of all the Xpo entities was just that. I’m a little disappointed because he never stuck around to give us those autonomous trucks that he’s so much bragged about we’re supposed to be coming the next couple years. Hmmmm , Oh well I guess I’ll get over it. He has always been nothing but a sales person and a spin master to Wall Street.


Only when you care to send the very best
Now that's not very nice, just look around at all the ways things are better....{Please take this time to enjoy the sounds of crickets chirping happily...}
Paperless linehaul pay. Pay on Tuesday. New piece-level-tracking pro numbers.
401K match paid weekly vs quarterly, A ROTH plan.
Also since switching to paperless LH pay my check has never been wrong....Was atleast shorted once a month
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