Holland | Explain to me


TB Lurker
Explain to me, how some of you get on this site, and with a tap of your fingers seem so intelligent, yet with another tap of your fingers, you seem to be to uneducated to comprehend what it is that this company is trying to do to us.

What on earth would make you think we are the ones to fix this problem? (If in fact there really is a problem.) Heck, most all of us probably have debt.
You are not the CEO of this company... You are not the president of this company... We are all mere employees of this company.

We already make pennies to what Welch and company make... The more we give, the more they have for their raises and bonuses... Which in fact they do gladly receive.

What in your minds would make you think they are any better then us.

If you do not need or want better pay, retirement and benefits that's fine... There are plenty of jobs out there to accommodate you... This is not one of them.

Let the rest of us fight for EQUALITY!!!

We do not need another crappy contract... We have one already in place... It is good till 2015.

Vote No To Anymore Concessions!
Show us where the $$ went. Show me a letter from the bank(s). They won't. Tell me how and why our stock went to $35! Can't trust any of them. And I mean any!!!
Most people will vote in whichever way they think is best for their own families, and that is understandable. However.......ANYONE who trusts these Corporate Executives or a Politician should have their head checked.

Yes voters and no voters, I don't care. If you actually trust these people to do what's best for YOU, you are just plain stupid. 99% of the big executives and politicians are ONLY in it for themselves. That's how they all end up filthy rich. Don't let any of them fool you with their "I'm looking out for the employees" stuff, because they aren't. Sure, they do probably want the company to stay afloat, but it isn't to protect your job, it's to protect their massive pay package for as long as they can.