F.Sheridan Garrison 1934-2004

Ken N Tx

FTW Retired
I posted this on the old Site and thoght I would add it here.



:1036316054: Sheridan was a standup guy, straight to the point, genuenly cared for employee's as well as the company. I was proud to work for A/F especially with the U.S. flag on my left shoulder.:shift:
I worked for him in 94. he was supposed to come to one of our meetings, but had to cancel. AF was a good company to work for.
He didn't beat around the bush to make a point about what was expected of you the employee but he made no bones about what was expected from management as well.
I have no idea who this man is but if working for him was half as good as Watkins then maybe FedEx should have left well enough alone.