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Fedex and forced vaccinations


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Are they gonna have someone onsite to give us the jab before we start work or punch the clock like we do for a pee test and go to the clinic? I’ll play the game and try to get a week off from the side effects of the jab. I’ll ask for it in my butt cheek so it feels like the F’n it really is.


Wait till 2024....we'll show em!
Yeah that would be a wonderful decision by Joe and the ho. Nation wide driver shortage, let's drive more drivers out of the business. The more I think about it your probably right because it makes no sense. Lol
There is a constant stream of steering wheel holders coming across the southern boarder every week!


On a final dispatch, do not get anymore tomorrows.
Might be time to move to Texas. We'll north Texas. That border is garbage!
There used to be a eastern european truckstop with good people before it burned down. I forget the name of the place, but you think I would be happy to live in that part of texas. But no. If I wanted to live in a country in that kind of terrain and seasonal considerations it will have to be in the region of Armarillo-Kit Carson and possibly Whitcha falls. IF they ever finished the necessary rebuilding of the rotting infrastructure up there and improved the water situation.


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This from YOUR ATA:

October 21, 2021

Dear ATA Member:

I wanted to update you on the latest developments regarding the Administration’s vaccine mandate proposal, as well provide relevant resources to help your companies navigate this issue.

Since OSHA sent its proposed rule—which has not yet been made public—to the White House on October 12, we have been in constant communication with Administration officials to convey our serious concerns over the impact such a policy will have on the trucking industry and our ability to keep the nation’s supply lines moving.

This evening, we submitted official comments to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs—the White House office responsible for reviewing the draft Emergency Temporary Standard before it can go into effect. Our letter formally requests that the Administration:
  1. Exempt truck drivers from the ETS, in the same manner that Canada has in its national vaccine mandate;
  2. Ensure fleets that hold federal contracts are not subject to overlapping, contradictory requirements; and
  3. Allow for a reasonable implementation deadline of at least 90 days.
Thanks to data provided by ATA members, we have detailed the grave consequences that a misguided rule would have on our nation’s supply chain, which is already under enormous strain. We have made clear that our industry can ill-afford further disruptions as we carry out the vital work of delivering vaccines, PPE, medical supplies, food, water, gasoline, and other essential goods.

It bears repeating that no rule—draft or otherwise—has been made public to date. Although we hope the Administration heeds our concerns, we are prepared to respond to every possible outcome, with all options on the table, including potential legal action if necessary.

In the meantime, we have prepared this toolkit, including frequently asked questions, to help you and your employees better understand what is undoubtedly a complex topic and complicated rulemaking process.

We will keep you updated with additional developments.


Yeah that would be a wonderful decision by Joe and the ho. Nation wide driver shortage, let's drive more drivers out of the business. The more I think about it your probably right because it makes no sense. Lol
Correct!! Not only company drivers will be out of work but OO WILL BE TOO if DOT get involved……. And they WILL!!!!!

Mr. lucky

The federal government has domain over interstate trucking.
If they require a vaccine, they do have the power to take your medical card.
Lets face it, how long before you have to give in? Don't know many independently wealthy truckers.
So. If it’s true that most of all the licensed truck drivers in America are now over the age of 55. I wonder how many are at their lowest retirement age, and will just say the hell with it, I’m retiring? How many drivers will just find a different line of work? How many young people will it require to take their place? There’s already a driver shortage. And if only 20% of the drivers now available retire, or find different professions. Who is going to drive trucks until their all self driving? Young people are not entering this profession in enough numbers to take up the slack. There aren’t enough national guard troops to be forced into driving all those empty trucks. ( and a lot of them are being forced out because of the vax). So I guess the country just grinds to a halt so joke and the ***** in DC can get their way?


40 Years of Trucking
The last that was announced from the CDC truckers are exempt from taking the vaccine.

And Bidins mandate is blocked for now.